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Paws, Enrich, Plan

Not your dog-standard journal. Instagram is a magical place, we all know that, but without it I wouldn’t have across this beautiful journal and now I’m doing my thing of spreading the word about it. What is this journal I hear you ask? Paws, Enrich, Plan‘s mission is to promote self-care through journaling, dogs and…

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Life….oh what a funny little joke

I went to buy a card for my best friend who’s wedding had to be cancelled due to covid and I saw one that just said, ‘Life……what a funny little joke’. We have an awesome friendship and in the end I went for a ‘FUCK COVID’ card but this quote stuck with me. Sometimes life…

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Upcoming Adventures

From local adventures to full challenges, here’s just some of the things we’ve got lined up.

Recent Collaborations

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing companies to include;

Silentnight beds, Scruffs, Revolution Race, Tug-e-nuff, Pooch & Mutt, Mikki Pet, Tractive, Plaque off, Edgar and Cooper, Rawgeous Pet Food and Pet Health Club

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