Social blackout? Don’t be crazy!

Someone gave me the idea about doing a social media blackout and initially I thought, ‘are you crazy?!’ Why would I switch off the main source of Winston’s advertising? Surely that’s business suicide? BUT I went away and did my research on the purpose and effects of a social media blackout. And it turns out, it’s got some decent theory behind it!

Yes I know the Instagram algorithm will completely hate me being absent and I have no doubt it’ll take me a while to build that back up again, but what it will allow me to do is completely switch off.

I am the queen for putting so much pressure on myself, to do everything I can and as much as I can, and I know I’m not alone in this. To put it in perspective, I had to prepare for a interview for a new job (which I was successful! Yay!) carry on with my normal full time job, normal day to day life of shopping, cleaning, walking the dog. Then I try to stay on top of Winston’s Instagram, his blog oh and I’ve forgotten to mention I’m also planning a wedding. And yep, you’ve got it, I have an Instagram and blog for that too as well as learning Italian. Oh and a second job to pay for said wedding.

You can see pretty quickly how I’m likely to burn myself out and especially with the amount of pressure I put on myself to make sure everything is right. So, in the interest of my mental health and just general self care, I’m going away for a couple of nights and turning everything off. Including myself. I need to shut everything down, allow some time to be switched off before restarting. I’m looking forward to connecting with myself and others and taking the time not to worry about social media or what others are doing.

I will be taking a leaf out of Winston’s book and becoming relaxed AF on my break. So between Sunday 23rd – Tuesday 25th February, we will be taking part in our blackout! What are your thoughts on a social media blackout and is it something you would try?

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