Training in Lockdown

I’m not going to go on about the UK (and the world) situation. We all know what’s going on BUT I’ve decided to spend my time wisely and crack on with some more dog training.

Use discount code WINSTON at tug e nuff

Winston and I were invited to crufts with Tug E Nuff dogs toys, but there was absolutely no way I could have taken Winston. So I went on my own and although had an amazing time, next year I want to take Winston. With the group, we met Fran, Lawl and their dog Khaleesi. I don’t think I’ve ever been so inspired or motivated to do more dog training in my life. I won’t say much except check out their insta @khaleesi_thedobe and you’ll totally understand why.

Our treat training bag from mikki pet

With all this time off, I plan to work with Fran and Lawl to help Winston not be so anxious and enjoy his dog life! I’ve learnt that Winston can only cope with short training sessions before he needs a nap! But each day he (and I) are learning something new about each other and I’ve really enjoyed it! We’ll carry on putting our training progress videos on our insta @winston.woof so you can see how far we’ve come! One thing we’ve really been working hard on is his play drive, and for this he’s fallen in love with the twizzler from tug e nuff. Even better, use discount code WINSTON at the checkout! #matesrates

The other things I’ve started to take up again is outdoor photography! I used to do it a while ago with Winston but my followers definitely preferred the fluffy indoor photos, so quite simply, I stopped! Anyway, we’ve been able to get out and about on our local walks to start learning how to take photos again!

What are your plans during the lockdown?

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