Pawsitive Pursuit Training

Enjoying the beach huts on Paignton seafront at sunrise

I’m not even sure where to begin on this journey! Let’s rewind to March where me and Winston where invited to crufts and I made the decision not to actually bring him with me.

Ever since Winston was neutered and an assumption he was attacked in his daycare he has become fearful and anxious of some dogs. Taking him to crufts would have been the worse decision. I received a lot of pressure for him to go but it just wasn’t fair for me to put him in that stressful situation.

This is where I first met Fran, Lawl (the donny’s all of all dog trainers) and their dog Khaleesi. I was blown away. I pestered Lawl for the entire day to get Winston booked in with them! Thanks to Covid, we were delayed and finally had our training last week where we travelled 5 hours to beautiful Devon to see them.

Most of you know, that inside Winston is the most relaxed dog ever….maybe too relaxed but outside he changes! That nose opens doors to the excitement of the outside world and he becomes an entirely different dog.

Most of you know Husky looking dogs are Winston’s absolute nemesis. But they are, smashing it!

Fran and Lawl are just amazing. They teach you in real life settings, none of this ‘training in a school hall’ , they help and step in when you become frustrated, they laugh when you or your dog is being a goon (definitely videos pending of this!) and literally within hours of leaving them we had our full training plan sent!

These two are fully invested in positively training dogs and having fun on the way. And they legit train dogs all day every day! They’ve definitely changed my perspective on the way I need to train Winston and my perception of going on long 10 mile hikes. Already there’s been a huge change in Winston’s behaviour and I’m so excited to keep going on this journey with him.

Lawl keeping Winston’s engagement!

You may think driving a 10 hour round trip for dog training is excessive but I would do it again tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever raved about anything this much in my entire life, so you know I’m serious about this!

I get many people messaging me to ask for tips on how I’ve managed to get Winston to stop barking, how we’re practising recall and how he’s so chilled out. The honest answer to that is hours of researching and training. All dogs are so different and ultimately I have zero dog trainer ability to give you any advice. Anyone wanting any help on any aspect of training, head over to their Instagram pages @pawsitivepursuit and their incredible dog @khaleesi_thedobe

If you have time to be on Instagram, you have time to train your dog!

Fran – @khaleesi_thedobe

Keep an eye out on @winston.woof for updates and we cannot wait to see these guys again!!

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