Paws, Enrich, Plan

Not your dog-standard journal. Instagram is a magical place, we all know that, but without it I wouldn’t have across this beautiful journal and now I’m doing my thing of spreading the word about it.

I’m Blue Da ba dee…..

What is this journal I hear you ask? Paws, Enrich, Plan‘s mission is to promote self-care through journaling, dogs and the great outdoors. With this adventure journal you can track adventures with your dog, complete activity pages and scrapbook memories with your four-legged friends.

I would make the assumption, that by now, you know that I love hiking, the outdoors and most of all, Winston. I love being able to feel refreshed on a hike, and feel that burn in the legs (and chest!). We’ve become so surrounded by technology that most of don’t physically write anymore – only type. However, there are studies to prove that expressive writing is (unsurprisingly) amazing for your mental health and wellbeing.

This little journal is full of exciting surprises, most of which I don’t want to spoil and give away the magic. It’s full of pages to put photos in, record your adventures and other techniques for relaxation and mindfulness. For me, I think it’s the cutest little gift either for yourself or for others and y’know – Christmas is coming.

Using discount code WINSTON10 will get you 10% off at the checkout. Buy it and become part of the PEP team!

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