Sunsets and Sunrises

For me, there is nothing more special that sitting watching the sunrise to begin a new day, or watching the sunset and being appreciative to what the day brought. Or even saying goodbye to that day. It doesn’t matter how many I’ve seen across the world, I react like its the first time I’ve seen it and I love that every, single, one is different. I love sunsets and sunrises so much, I walked through the night to see both! You can read about that adventure here.

For either sunrise or sunset hike, I take it a lot of factors. What time of year it is, weather conditions and how far to hike before the sunrises/sunsets. What are my plans for the rest of the day, depending on the time of the sunrise/sunset and what things I need to take with me. I did my first 2022 sunrise walk in March since November (when we did Snowdon and the cloud was that low we saw absolutely nothing!) and we have been treated with some great sunsets over the last couple of weeks. In my bag is water and a bowl for Winston, his food, maybe my food or snacks depending on how long the hike is, my flask full of tea (and my camping mug) a blanket (Winston does not do being cold), my camera (obviously) and any crazy friends that want to join.

There something about a sunrise where the birds come alive, the owls retreat, the sun’s colours and rays start to hit everything, and for me, I’m suddenly incredibly grateful to be alive. I usually wait 10 – 15 minutes after the sun has risen before we continue our walk and day.

I think my favourite thing about a sunset or a sunrise, is that you have no idea what you are going to get. The weather may say clear, but is it? Will you get haze completely blocking the sun, will you be lucky enough to get a cloud inversion? Will the clouds treat you to the best coloured sky. Not one of them is the same and I always go with the understanding that I have no idea what this sunset or sunrise will bring!

Have you done many sunsets or sunrises, which is your favourite? Check out our blog on Snowdon Sunrise Hike here.

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