How to life live

If you actually think I can answer that, then I’m sorry! If someone can though, that would be great. I thought of this blog because, like most people, you go through periods of your life where it suddenly becomes incredibly overwhelming. And I’m currently there.

Society tells to you should be working towards an amazing career, be a brilliant parent, socialise with your friends, keep fit, run multiple small business, go on holidays, have experiences, look after your family, keep your house clean, dog trained, washing done, all whilst having 8 hours sleep and working full time. Its near impossible. Those that do it well, I congratulate you.

This week, its social media that’s overwhelmed me. We’re fortunate enough to work with some great companies and of course there are commitments that come with these. So how do you balance this with real life and all of the above? I’ve spent hours prepping reels, finding the right audio, the right videos, editing and all for what, for it to be watched for 3 seconds and scrolled. You then download the video, and repeat for TikTok. Yet the amount of views become some form of social currency with the ability to trade and create further deals.

I try and have a social media plan, I plan my posts, especially those I’m committed to, but sometimes I’m just enjoying actual life, where those memories are actually created. Not glued to my phone to make sure I engage with other accounts to make Instagram happy.

I often wonder how much social media will change over the years, the content, the expectation or whether we all come to realise that we are being controlled by AI and algorithms and its ceases to exist (I suspect a firm no to the latter).

I’d love to know your thoughts on today’s ramblings!

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