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Who we are Ambassador’s for…..

Pet Health Club

The Pet Health Club offers routine Healthcare plans for pets. You pay monthly and receive routine vaccinations and 6 monthly check ups, monthly flea and worming treatments and discounts on treatments, food and medication. We have been part of the club since we brought Winston home at just 9 weeks old and especially love the text reminders!

Mikki Pet

Having a long hair dog means that grooming is extremely important to us! Mikki Pet offers various grooming products to suit your pets style and fur length as well as training products. Our favourites are the new Eco Range comb and slicker brush.

Plaque Off

Rewind to Winston’s first Pet Health Club check up and the vet told us his teeth were awful for his age. Mum guilt kicked in and we were advised to use Plaque off. His teeth are better now than they were at 6 months old. We use more scoops than recommend and then scrape off any plaque that has been softened by the powder. It’s available in bones, powder and biscuits and is nothing short of wizardry. You can buy it here on amazon. *Affiliate link


We are part of the Amazon family and link to all our best buys for human, hound and home! *Affiliate link

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