Winston Woof

So meet Winston. His surname is actually Woof (works great for a dog, not so much for humans!) and has become famous for his eyelashes (go check them out). He’s a show type english cocker spaniel and gives the best cuddles! Follow us on Instagram for cute daily photos @winston.woof

Why did we begin our blog?

  • ‘Get a dog they said, it’ll be fun they said.’ Yes it is fun, yes it’s great, but how many times has your dog shown you up by eating a child’s ice cream from their hand (yup Winston has done this) or gone to the toilet in unexpected places(he’s also done that). We want our blog to be ‘real life dog ownership’ and hopefully you can relate and make you laugh along the way.
  • Dog training. We all thought our dog would be the best behaved. We would spend hours reading articles, finding the best method and style of training and pay a fortune for the best canine behaviourist. And then your dog has other ideas, It’s tough owning a dog! Follow our blogs into the rollercoaster journey of dog training!

“Get a dog they said, it’ll be fun.”